Cookie policy

Swedish Wood uses cookies for marketing, statistical purposes and for optimization of it’s website.

A ”cookie” is a small text files that is downloaded onto your device when you access our website in order to facilitate the use of the website.

By using cookies, you can avoid entering the same data every time you visit our website and they help us to adapt the website to your needs, such as which language you prefer or what on the website is interesting to you.

Our website uses uses permanent cookies and session cookies. In the table below you can see how they are used.

If you do not want your browser to allow cookies, you can change it in the browser settings, where you can also delete cookies that are stored on your device. Most browsers automatically accept cookies but also have the option to deny cookies or display a warning before saving. More information about this can be found in the information provided by the browser manufacturer. If you deny the use of cookies, it may mean that the website and certain functions on it do not work as intended. 

We use Google Analytics as a statistics tool, which in turn uses cookies to collect data. See more information below.

Cookie Purpose Life span Typ av cookie Leverantör
_fbp When the Facebook pixel is installed on a website, and the pixel uses first-party cookies, the pixel automatically saves a unique identifier for an _fbp-cookie for the website’s domain, if one is not already in place. 90 days Marketing Facebook
_ga Used to distinguish users. 2 years Statistics Google Analytics
_gat_UA Used to save the session. 1 min Statistics Google Analytics
_gid This cookie is set by Google Analytics to distinguish uses. 1 day Statistics Google Analytics
_hjFirstSeen This is set to identify a new user’s first session. It stores a true/false value indicating whether this is the first time Hotjar has seen this user. It is used by recording filters to identify new user sessions. The session Statistics Hotjar
_hjSession_2168654 A cookie that holds the current session data. This ensures that subsequent requests within the session window will be attributed to the same Hotjar session. 30 minutes Statistics Hotjar
_hjSessionUser Hotjar cookie that is set when a user first lands on a page with the Hotjar script. It is used to save the Hotjar User ID, unique to that site on the browser. This ensures that behaviour in subsequent visits to the same site will be attributed to the same user ID. linkedIn Ads ID syncing Statistics Hotjar
ai_session Unique anonymous cookie for session identifiers. Used by Microsoft Application Insights software to collect statistical usage and telemetry data. 30 minutes Necessary Episerver
ai_user Used by Microsoft Application Insights software to collect statistical usage and telemetry data. The cookie stores a unique identifier to recognise users on returning visits over time. 1 year Necessary Episerver
AnalyticsSyncHistory Used to store information on when a synchronisation with the lms_analytics cookie took place for users in the stated countries. 30 days Marketing LinkedIn
ARRAffinity Strictly necessary. Routes requests made via a web browser to the same machine in the DXC cloud. See ARRaffinity – Microsoft Azure. This cookie is deleted when you close your web browser. The session Necessary Episerver
ARRAffinitySameSite This cookie is used for load balancing and to make sure you are consistently routed to the same server in any browsing session. The session Necessary Microsoft Azure
bcookie Browser Identifier cookie to uniquely identify devices accessing LinkedIn to detect abuse on the platform. 2 years Marketing LinkedIn
lang Used to remember a user’s language setting. The session Marketing LinkedIn
li_gc Used to store consent of guests regarding the use of cookies for non-essential purposes. 2 years Marketing LinkedIn
lidc To optimise data centre selection. 24 hours Marketing LinkedIn
UserMatchHistory LinkedIn Ads ID syncing. 30 days Marketing LinkedIn
accept-all-cookies To be able to save your cookie choices 1 year Marketing & statistics Swedish Wood
.ASPXANONYMOUS This cookie is set by ASP.NET. The cookie is used as a unique ID for the session and anonymously stores tracking data in the session. 70 days Necessary ASP.NET
.EPiServerLogin This cookie is linked to the EpiServer content management system. It is set when a visitor logs into a protected area on a website. The session Necessary Episerver
.ASP.NET_SessionId This cookie is set by ASP.NET. The cookie is used as a unique ID for the session and anonymously stores tracking data in the session. 0 Necessary ASP.NET
__RequestVerificationToken This is an anti-forgery cookie set by web applications built using ASP.NET MVC technologies. It is designed to stop unauthorised posting of content to a website, known as cross-site request forgery. It holds no information about the user and is destroyed on closing the browser. The session Necessary  
__epiXSRF Unique identifier for forms. Protects the user against cross-site request forgery (XSRF). The session Necessary Episerver